jill a. marshall

From rock to roll


Fall 2022 For the upcoming year I am seeking a PhD student for a fully funded NSF-Arctic Research project. This is a source (sediment production via frost weathering) to transport (solifluction -> landslides) to sink project in the Aklavik Range (68 °N) with collaborators from Dartmouth. The PhD student will be the lead on rock wall characterization and modeling (both physical and numerical) to advance our understanding of rock damage and detachment in warming arctic climates. There is lots of room on this project to follow your research interests. I am specifically looking for students with a background in one or more of the following: rock physics, engineering, sensor deployment, physics, or modeling (physical or numerical). The student must have experience working in physically demanding field settings. It is unlikely that I will be accepting students without some subset of these skills for this project.

I am always seeking motivated graduate students for a myriad of research projects. Diverse project styles too – ranging from fieldwork and instrumentation to physical and numerical modeling (trees! frost weathering! soil production and transport! landslides, rivers and fish!). Please send along a CV and a statement of research interests, specific skills/background if emailing me re: potential research opportunities. For the Arctic opportunity, the research statement should be specific to the project. To be considered for university fellowships, applications should be submitted by January 15 and if submitting after this date, please check with me first. GREs, while not required for graduate school admission, are necessary for prestigious university fellowships.

The Geosciences Department at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville), has a dynamic surface process research group that I am thrilled to be a part of.  Locally we have world-class art venues, hundreds of kilometers of mountain biking and hiking trails, eight Wild and Scenic Rivers and a thriving foodie culture. More information can be found here.

The Marshalling Science Lab group is a diverse and open community that welcomes all. I encourage those from non-traditional backgrounds and underrepresented communities to consider applying.